Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery  HHR_P401 MORICELL

Model: (Panasonic HHR-P401A/1B Battery)
Status: Unavailable
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Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery  HHR_P401 MORICELL

The HHR_P401 battery is a Panasonic cordless phone battery that is powered of 3 battery 2/3ّAA of Nickel metal hydride type, with a capacity of 1150 mA.

As a result The serial connection, the voltage of this 3.6V battery, has an average capacity of 1000 times charging and discharging.


The Panasonic cordless phone used in this battery include:



Nickel metal hydride batteries are battery-protected, with its positive electrode nickel oxyhydroxide and its negative electrode used in the hydrogen absorption alloy.


Price of the Cordless Phone Battery HHR_P401

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